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We have worked with clients of Andrew Reynolds, Tim Lowe, Simon Coulson, Brendon Burchard, Ryan Lee, Frank Kern, Mark Anastasi, Yanik Silver, Stuart Ross, Joe Polish, Armand Morin, Nigel Botterill, Mike Chantry, Chris Farrell, Nick James, Rich Schefren and many others...

"I have helped my clients make more money by improving their copy, websites and conversion strategies.
NOW it's YOUR turn!" Ian Fox

Increase your response rates, professionalism and attraction with our range of marketing services.

  • Professional Copywriting

    Inject Persuasion and Pizzazz into your marketing materials (big and small projects). Direct Response Copywriter>

  • Innovative Graphic Design

    From a logo to a product cover (and anything else in-between).

  • Website Creation and Design

    We know what works, giving you that website people want to be a part of.

  • Responsive Landing Pages

    Professional looking, order pulling Landing Pages.

  • Internet Marketing Coaching

    If you want to take your Internet Business to the next level — let Ian Fox personally coach you. Guaranteed Results!

  • Specialist Support Services

    We work with Internet Marketers, Information Product, Franchise and Business Opportunity Marketers.

  • Are Your An Info-Product Marketer?

    Ian Fox has made more people money than any other Info-Product Copywriter. If you want to sell more of your products with riveting and believable copy click here>>

  • Mobile Marketing Apps

    If you want to promote your products or service on Mobile devices, we can help you create and launch a fully branded App. We also work with entrepreneurs who want to make money with Apps. Please contact us.

"Ian Fox has created some amazing copy for me. I know the power of words and to create powerful copy you need an expert to craft an persuasive masterpiece. I look forward to see the converting effects this copy will have on the traffic I send to it and I am confident it will bring in tens of thousands of dollars worth of sales. I can't recommend Ian enough for your copywriting needs. You will be very impressed and wanting more afterwards. Thank you Ian!"

Gabriel Both (Author of The 7 Day Juicing Detox)
Gabriel Both (Author of The 7 Day Juicing Detox)

"I never considered using a sales copywriter, but decided to give it a go and contacted Ian. What was supposed to be a small job re-writing my website has grown into a complete overhaul of all my sites, video's and communications, plus an overhaul of my sales channels. I am delighted with what Ian has produced so far and excited for future things he can do. Don't be like me and think "can I afford this" believe me the question should be "can i afford not to do this."

Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison